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Frequently Asked Questions

The SURFMODE Maverick System is designed to be the most universal system on the market. This includes: stepped hulls, concave hulls, convex hulls, and just about anything in between. While we can't tell you what boat to surf behind, we recommend only using the Flexible Slim model on inboard or V-drive boats.

The SURFMODE Viper base only needs at least 20" x 3.2" of surface area free of any decals. This mounting area can have a slight curve, along the length of the boat.

Never surf behind an outboard or an inboard/outboard boat for safety reasons. We have not tested on such boats, and strongly discourage use on such boats.

Yes, and in most cases, it will result a better wave than your stock built-in surf system. For surf systems with tabs projecting from the hull such as Malibu’s Surf Gate, you will achieve best results by placing the SURFMODE Maverick System in front of the surf gate, but higher up on the hull. This way some water is deflected by both the SURFMODE Maverick System and the Surfgate, and you will see a noticeable increase in wave length. For surf systems that use tabs that flip down, you will see the best results by simply not using those tabs. These types of systems fight against the SURFMODE Maverick System when engaged.

Each hull is a little different, and different results can be achieved by slightly changing the angle at which you attach SURFMODE, and by slightly changing the distance from the back of the boat where you attach it. Your ideal setup will be a matter of personal preference, so we recommend trying different positions and angles to find your favorite spot. Generally, moving it further back will make the wave steeper, and moving it further forward will make the wave longer. That said, it is super easy to move around, and it will work beautifully in many different locations and angles.

No! If installed properly, it will stay on all day, and never leave a mark on your hull! Will it float? Yes! It floats high enough in the water to spot it at a distance if it is dropped. If it is attached properly, it won’t come off, so this is rarely even an issue.

Do not tether! Part of making the best shaper in the world requires it to induce greater forces than other devices, and tethering it could cause it to slingshot into the boat, causing damage or injury. If for some reason it ends up detached in the water, it floats well and can be retrieved easily.

Yes, although SURFMODE systems are not designed for this application. Jet boats pose two problems generally speaking - they are lighter than v-drive or inboard boats; and more importantly dual jet boats tend to eject water into at least one of the surf waves. Lateral Displacement technology addresses the weight concern, however, the water jet to the wave is something we are currently working to solve.