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Product Updates


*For Immediate Release*

We have been notified by a competitor of their intent to pursue SurfMode for patent infringement because of our arrangement of suction cups. The issue seems to be our use of 1 suction cup BEHIND the face in combination with at least 2 suction cups IN FRONT of the face. At SurfMode, we hold Intellectual Property rights in high regard and have the utmost respect for our system of patents in the United States. Accordingly, we have revised our SurfMode Maverick design to eliminate the suction cup behind our face. After extensive on the water testing we have determined that in lieu of removing the area behind the face completely, our product performs better with a foam bumper pad that is recessed in a pocket located behind the face. This foam bumper acts as a shock absorber, and allows for a greater connection to the boat. Should the wing become detached from your boat for any reason, the integrated foam bumper rotates the unit into a position where the unit is easily seen. The foam bumper is secured to the unit with a lanyard. We would like to make it clear that we do not encourage any of our customers to attempt to modify this revised design in any way. In the event that a user chooses to modify the design in a way that is not in accordance with this design - the warranty will be void.


We have been fielding a higher than normal number of requests for replacement of our black suction cups, due to rubber failure. The specific failure mode is that the rubber is delaminating from the internal metal ring that is molded into the rubber. Cups should not fail in the first year of use. If you have experienced a suction cup failure, please snap a photo and send it to us - we will be happy to replace any defective cup at no cost. We do ask that you only request a replacement suction cup if your cup has failed. If you would like to purchase a replacement kit with our newest suction cups - you can do that right here -  Please watch our video on how to replace a suction cup - it is easily performed in the field, with tools you likely keep on your boat anyway. 


We have been working with our supplier to address the delamination issues, and we have a new blue suction cup that will address these delamination issues. Any rubber product that is exposed to the sun and the elements is subject to normal wear and tear, but generally speaking they should last at least 2 years. At SurfMode we want you to be confident in how your SurfMode performs, and understand that a blown suction cup can ruin a weekend. We are offering a replacement parts kit to have just in case. This kit is $25, and it will include 3 suction cups, and all the hardware required to replace any faulty cups. Due to circumstances mentioned in Product Update #1, we are unable to ship these parts in the same box as your SurfMode. We want to make clear that we do not support any action that would seek to change the number of suction cups that were included in the shipment. Modifying your unit in this way will void any warranty that your unit holds.